One Week In

My boss takes one week day off each week, or at least that is her goal. And while she ran errands and escaped from the practice for most of the day, I painstaking went through all of the week’s appointments to ensure that estimates were correct, and then transcribed to invoices, which were then mailed out to clients. What. A. Process. And with our veterinary software, you have to trust me that the process is a tedious and inefficient one. I like to think I’ll get faster, but the limitations of Vetter are literally programmed in. In 8 hours, I completed a little over 20 invoices. By the end of it, my brain was fried. I literally took a walk to the practice’s barn to escape the stagnant atmosphere of the office.

Aside from billing, I also acquired some new associate responsibilities. They included:

– digitizing our dental charts and forms
– creating a better inventory system
– orchestrating a protocol for ordering supplies
– getting our lead equipment certified
– devising a home-made goat vaginal speculum

Since my license is still pending, I am not taking cases on my own. Just the inner-workings of the practice is alot to absorb, not to mention the actual challenge of transitioning from a referral (diagnostics spoiled) hospital to a real life (constrained) mobile practitioner. oi vey,
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