After graduating from vet school in 2015, I completed a year long equine internship at an equine medical and surgical facility hospital. Like most professionals in the veterinary field, I have respect and compassion towards all animals, with a passion for horses.


Upon completion of the internship, I started my first job as an associate at an equine ambulatory practice. Within a couple months, it became apparent that the new job and I were not a good fit. After what I consider a hell-ish 6 months (many a blog post about those experiences), I left my first job.

Within a couple months, I was hired on as an associate at a multi-doctor equine exclusive ambulatory private practice…and I’ve been there ever since. It has been a wonderful fit, and I’ve continued to grow both professionally and personally over the past 16 months.

This blog is dedicated to my first couple years as an equine ambulatory vet.